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Snugger Heaters are designed to provide an independent heating source for most commercial and recreational vehicles.

The applications range from automotive and heavy duty transport vehicles to construction and industrial equipment and standby power units.

These fuel efficient diesel-fired heaters are ideal for pre-heating engines or providing forced air heating for “engine off” interior comfort.

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Air Heaters

Snugger Air Heaters provide forced air heat using automatic temperature controls to maintain a comfortable air temperature for the operator. Snugger Air Heaters feature a compact design, simple installation and maintenance, with built in safety protection and self-diagnostics. This value product also features low operating costs with low emissions.
The Snugger Air Heater provides an excellent return on investment by supplying more than 20 hours of comfort using less than a gallon of fuel. Along with a low acquisition cost, the annual maintenance is typically very minimal.
Adding to these features and benefits, Snugger Air Heaters come with a 2 year limited parts replacement warranty, making Snugger Heaters the best choice for you.


Coolant Heater

Snugger Coolant Heaters are primarily used to pre-heat engines allowing for easy starts in cold weather climate. Snugger Coolant Heaters can also provide a level of comfort heat when plumbed through an onboard heater exchanger. The coolant heaters are operated with a simple ON/OFF switch or an optional programmable timer.

The Snugger Coolant Heater when added to the onboard water circuit are an economical heater choice, eliminating cold engine starts by simply tapping directly into your vehicle’s fuel supply and battery system. Snugger offers both an 4 & 5 kilowatt coolant heaters that have the ability of increasing coolant and thus increasing engine block temperature significantly in less than an hour. This allows for an engine start similar to that of a summer’s day.


Optional 7 Day Timer

The 7 day timer allows you to preset the start of the heater up to 7 days in advance.
It is possible to program 2 or more different starting times per day.

When the heater is ON, the timer displays current time and day of a week.
When the heater is OFF, the display and buttons are illuminated and display current time, day of a week and temperature.

In the event of power supply interruption the heater will return to preset settings after
the power is turned back on



Why Snugger Heaters?

Compact design, simple installation, low maintenance cost.
Snugger heaters Provide an independent heating source for
any vehicle, any industry.